Home Health Care Options

There are a lot of facilities that cater to elderly patients. But a significant number of elderly individuals prefer to stay at home, within their community. They want to be surrounded by the people they know and live in a place they’re familiar with. In short, they want to stay independent. Unfortunately, this can take its toll on family members. In this regard, it is important to look at home health care options.

Home health care services can take care of elderly individuals in a professional manner. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the type of services offered by home health agencies. These include:
•    Non-Medical Care – there are agencies that offers non-medical care for things like cleaning, preparing meals, driving the patient to his/her chosen destination, and running errands among others. These are very important services for people who can no longer take care of themselves.
•    Personal Care – aides can help the patient dress, bathe, and move around the house. Personal care aides can also move patients to the toilet. If the elderly patient has a medical problem, he/she will also need constant monitoring. All these services are provided by the personal care assistant.
•    Medical Care – in-home medical care agencies provide services such as injections, wound care, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. This is particularly important for individuals who suffer from disability or medical condition.
•    Hospice Care – for patients who are “terminal”, hospice services will be provided.

Tips in Choosing a Home Health Agency

Don’t choose just any agency out there, find out their reputation. Make sure that they have a license, are bonded, and have insurance. These agencies can provide a caregiver immediately in an emergency. Even in non-emergency situations, home health firms can offer their services within a short amount of time. The family can choose among several candidates; if you are looking for a caregiver, make it a point to check the person’s background.

In case the first giver you hired doesn’t offer adequate service, the agency he/she is affiliated with should provide a replacement. This shouldn’t be a problem if you went with a reputable agency because they screen their candidates thoroughly and provide comprehensive training.

Tips in Choosing a Home Care Aide

For individuals who prefer not to go through an agency, they will need to dig deeper to find a good home care aide. It is usually ideal to find someone through word-of-mouth. Most people find excellent caregivers just by asking around. Medical doctors, family caregivers, friends, and hospital personnel can provide recommendations. In most cases, it costs less to hire the caregiver directly because you don’t need to pay the agency fee.

With regards to paying for the services, funding can come from public, private, or personal sources. Public agencies such as Medicare and Medicaid will only allow you to hire from accredited firms. The same is true with other public agencies. On the other hand, you can choose your own provider if you get funding from public sources such as insurance (however, this may depend on your plan as well).

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