How Home Health Care Services Work

Home health care services are companies that provide home health aides and other personnel to assist those who need help, but want to get that help in the comfort of their own homes. The types of people that they will generally help are those who are chronically ill, need partial of full time assistance with daily living, or who need help with rehabilitation from a surgery. Most of the time, this is a loved one who needs more assistance than friends and family are able to provide.

Many times, the health services that a home health care service provides for its patients are on a part time basis. While some patients may require constant attention, others may only wish for assistance in the evenings or perhaps on the weekends.

You or a loved one may be considering a home health care service, but not fully sure of how they work. Some of the services that are provided for patients by the home health care services include:

•    General Assistance: This can cover everything from getting up and moving around to getting dressed, and can even include assistance with bathing. At times, the home health aide will also help administer certain medications to the patient or help them operate medical equipment.
•    Errands and Doctor’s Visits: An aide may also be responsible for helping the patient run some errands or help the patient get to a doctor’s appointment.
•    Light Housework: Some aides will also be required to clean up a patient’s living environment. While the duty may not seem health related, it is none the less a part of the job description at times.
•    Light Cooking: Another part of the care that is often provided is light cooking for the patient. This again is all part of caring for the patient even though it is not directly medical related.

Another way to look at a home health care provider is as a caretaker. So, the greater the needs of the patient, the greater the amount of care they will require. For this reason, the job of each aide will vary in accordance to the specific needs of a particular patient.

Many people choose to use a home health care service as opposed to going to live in a nursing home or other assisted living facility. In essence, a home health care service allows many people to keep their dignity and live where they are most comfortable. It is hard enough sometimes to just admit that you need assistance with living, let alone leave the home you may have been in for some time.

By using a home health care provider, you can be sure that the aides that will be assisting either you or a loved one will be certified and will more than likely have had to go through rigorous training in order to become certified. Additionally, many home health care services will conduct a thorough screening of any aides or personnel that they assign to a certain job. This can help put your mind at ease and allow you or your loved one to get the assistance needed whether on a short term basis or a long term basis.

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