HomeWatchCareGivers has become a popular option for individuals and families who need some sort of in-home care.  They offer a diverse range of services from lending a small helping hand to near live-in services.  Today, nearly 3 times as many people are opting for home support rather than living in a group assisted living environment.  To address this, Home Watch Care Givers was founded in 1980 and began franchising locations in 1996.

Overview of HomeWatchCareGivers

Currently, HomeWatchCareGivers has locations in 6 different countries, the most recent expansion was to Guatemala.  In the United States, along with their original expansion, they also have 111 franchise partners.  Over the years, they have received a number of awards.  Two of the most notable come fro the Work Options Group, which awarded them both the Top National Agency and Caregiver of the Year award.  With their growing number of available services, it is no surprise that they are one of the most popular options on the market.

Services Offered by HomeWatchCareGivers

Pathways to Memory – Pathways to Memory is one of their most recent programs to made available. It is a type of focused memory training that will take place for 2 hours a day, 3 days a week.  It is designed specifically for people suffering from alzheimers, dementia, and individuals who are starting to suffer from memory loss.
In Home Assisted Living – Home Watch Care Givers provides both short and long term in home assisted living with around the clock care.  This service not only cares for medical issues but can also help with rehab, run errands, and even clean.
Personal Home Care – Personal home care includes services that are focused less with medical problems and more to do with the standard of living of the patient.  This including helping prepare meals, providing companionship, and even provide medication reminders.
Health Care Coordination – Navigating the entire health care process can be difficult.  This service will help the entire family gain information, find community resources, and even manage the home environment.
Hospital Discharge Assistance – Oftentimes, a person will only need assistance when they get out of the hospital, including transportation, and some in home care for a few days.

Some additional services include ambulation support, home safety evaluation, pre and post natal care, senior exercise, fall risk assessment, multiple sclerosis care, recovery assistance, senior socializing, bathing/grooming assistance, stroke care, and much more.

Review of HomeWatchCareGivers

HomeWatchCareGivers is a very well established living assistance program that was a number of highly recognized awards over the past several years.  They have consistently grown to accommodate the every-growing population that chooses to live at home rather than join a group living assistance facility.  With so many different services available, it is no surprise that they remain one of the best options on the market.  While a number of other options exist, there is a good chance that HomeWatchCareGivers will have a service that fits your needs.

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